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Choose your candidate between Obama and McCain and deliver a combat without thank you to blow of lance-ball to gain the American presidential election in Presidential Street Fight, a delirious play of address proposed by your gate of plays. This amusing play proposes to you to incarnate the two candidates with the American presidential election of 2008: Barack Obama the democrat or John McCain the republican. Each of the two candidates is posted on each side of the White House a weapon to the hand. This weapon makes it possible to launch balls out of plastic but also of the cases, drums and other accessories which you will be able to recover while drawing on the cases posed in the medium. The goal of the play is to touch your adversary as much as possible to make him lose all its bar of energy. Each candidate plays one after the other with the manner of Worms. Move the mouse vertically to direct the firing angle. Move it thereafter horizontally to adjust the fire power. A play of shooting amusing on bottom of hip hop with very good graphics and a good lifespan. To discover!
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