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Fruity Jumps is a challenging puzzle game on . The goal of this game is to transfer all the fruit from the left side to the right side,such as orange,peach,bean,watermelon and so on. To achieve this goal, you need to prevent the fruit from falling into the water .Remember, don’t miss more than five ones, or you will lose your life. With the help of the boy on the boat who gets an umbrella in his hand , use your mouse to control this character. There is a beautiful girl who will do you a favor to catch the fruit. The green alarm clock means slower while the red one means faster,what’s more, the green magnifying glass represents Bigger umbrella while the red one means Smaller umbrella. The white pentacle stands for extra chance. Each time you transfer one kind of fruit,you will receive 100 points. Help your hero in this awesome game and clear all the challenging stages to score maximum points. Good luck and have fun!
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