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Help a small magician to put in ball all its diabolic adversaries in Magic Heaven, a play of address proposed by your gate of plays. You incarnate a small blue magician and must eliminate the strange creatures trotting itself in each level. The goal of the play is of all to eliminate them to pass at the following level. For that, you launch snowballs to the figure of your adversaries. Aim at the head of your adversaries and draw their several times above in order to transform them into enormous ball of snow! Once the formed ball, it is enough to push it so that it rolls of platform in platform and will strike other adversaries. As soon as the ball meets an obstacle, it is burst releasing from the no-claims bonus. For the owners of a QWERTY (American keyboard), use keys WASD to move you. For the owners of a keyboard AZERTY (French keyboard), we advise you to pass to a keyboard QWERTY while pressing simultaneously on the keys SHIFT + ALT. If you are in this case, the keys of control are then ZQSD. Press on the key K to jump and J for launching touches it snowballs. To combine the movement keys to use your magic capacities together. Jump of platform in platform, without touching any malicious and think of collect the trunks of treasure and other gifts which could be on your way to gain additional lives and points no-claims bonus. The sound effect, graphics pixellized and magic environment very manga quickly made bring back for you in childhood but are wary the play is far from being easy. A coloured play and very fun to be discovered. Good luck!
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