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Find an exit in full tropical jungle, between fauna and the flora savages, in Tipping Point 4, a play of reflexion of the type not and click to be discovered on your gate of plays. Since a sight with the first nobody, explore a wild area abandoned by the men, where nature took again the top. Use the mouse to sail and interact with the elements of this splendid tropical decoration. Click on the sides of the screen to change sight. When you recover an object, this one is placed in your inventory in bottom on the right of the screen. You lay out to begin your adventure of a printed circuit with buttons. You can use any object of your inventory while clicking above, then while clicking on one of the elements of the decoration. Very beautiful graphics, a superb sound environment which surrounds you directly by the environment: noises of birds, locusts, frogs, flies, in short one would believe oneself in it! Moreover, you will have many enigmas to elucidate. To discover absolutely!
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