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Tornado Mania is an arcade game on Having access to the unlimited power of the Tornado Machine can shake up even the firmest minds. Occasionally(and on Mondays) the evil side of the professor takes over it. When no keys are pressed, the tornado rotates in a clockwise circle. Press and hold the enter key or Space Bar to reverse the rotation of the tornado. Destroy all of the buildings in the area before time runs out, such as factory, chemical works, munition plant, milch cow, tree, camion and so on. When you demolish these objects, you will hear different vivid sound. What’s more, Utopia and Rampage modes let you build or destroy, if you want to climb the mad scientist ranks in Utopia mode, you have to gobble up over 30 collectible buildings and landmarks. Try to get a high score by destroying as much establishment as you can. Go ahead and have fun!
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