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Draw forms to make them interact with a black ball in order to guide it to the black discs in rotation in Gravity Master, a play of reflexion to be discovered on your gate of plays. In this original play, you must draw forms in order to move a black ball in levels varied. The objective is to collect all the small black discs in rotation dispersed on the level to be able to pass to the following. To draw a form, there is enough to remain supported on the left button of the mouse while moving the cursor. To slacken when your drawing is finished. Automatically after, the object that you have just created tomb, attracted by the ground under the force of gravity. Make in kind make it fall on the black ball to make it roll. Double-click on the forms which you create to destroy them. Each destruction of form will cost you 10 points. If you are blocked, press on the bar spaces to start again the level. Lastly, more you finish the level quickly, plus your score will be better. Each level is a challenge to take up. A true headache superbly carried out and with the infinite possibilities and on a music with the sublime piano. To discover without hesitation!
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