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Spectrum 8 is an exciting shooting game on 2082 AD, largely because of high-speed technology all of the humanity has united under one centralized government. With world peace achieved, all worldwide military are grouped into seven branches, called "Spectrum" and activated. 2087 AD Earth is under attack by unknown alien’s code named "Norn". Efforts by the military division’s spectrum 1 through 7 have failed. The united government has now developed last alternative resort. A prototype robotic exo-suit defense squad designated "Spectrum 8". As "Alpha 1", your mission is to penetrate to the core of the enemy occupation zone, seek and destroy the enemy space port. This will allow the remaining spectrum 1 to 7 units to deal with the after-math. Use up arrow key for homing anti-tank missile (available target only). Press down arrow key to for pulse bomb (ground based area affect weapon). Scroll the screen by using left and right arrow keys. Go ahead and show your shooting skills. Good luck and have fun!
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