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Tennis Ace is a sport game on, which teaches you how to play tennis. Here you will learn all the moves you need to know to become a true tennis champion. Click your left mouse button once to throw the ball up into the air. Then click again as the ball starts to drop .Make sure you click the mouse just as the ball is moving down from the top of its flight. If you double click the mouse the ball will go out. Move around the baseline and your serve will change angle. Vary your angle of service to fox your opponents. Now click next to move onto returning the ball. Stand in the correct place and click your mouse to hit it .Try clicking a little early to make sure you hit the ball. If you are standing to the left to the ball when you hit in, it will go to the right. Try holding down the mouse to build up power then let go to whack it across the court. Move into the net and go for some volley short. OK, it’s time for you to get playing and see if you can beat the ladies. Have fun!
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