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Jewel Quest is a classic game. Your target is to change the entire bricks from yellow to gold by delete the jewels on them within time limited. You can use your mouse to delete the same design jewels, but at least three jewels can be deleted. You can change the location of the adjacent jewels by clicking on them; remember you can only change the jewels which can be deleted. It is more difficult than your imagination.

Diving deeper into the levels of Jewel Quest, you’ll find the puzzles growing increasingly intricate, demanding not just quick reflexes but also a keen strategic mind. Each successful combination transforms bricks, inching you closer to your goal while boosting your score. With the clock ticking, every decision counts, turning the game into a thrilling race against time. Watch out for special gems that appear along the way; these can clear swathes of jewels in a single move, potentially turning the tide in your favor during challenging moments.

Strategic foresight becomes your best ally as you navigate the game’s complexities. It’s not merely about matching jewels; it’s about orchestrating matches that pave the way to victory. Anticipating the cascade of new jewels following each move and leveraging the game-changing power of special gems are tactics that separate the novices from the masters.

Jewel Quest’s allure lies in its blend of straightforward gameplay with layers of depth that reveal themselves the further you venture. It’s a game that appeals to puzzle aficionados and newcomers alike, offering an absorbing journey through levels that captivate and challenge. Accept the challenge of Jewel Quest, where every level is a treasure waiting to be unlocked, promising endless entertainment and the joy of victory for those who dare to embark on this puzzle adventure.

About this online game:
Current game: Jewel
QuestMade by: IwinGame
ID number: 1243Game
Played: 6342232 times
Game Ranked: 5490 times
Game file size: 393 KB
Best resolution: 505 x 398 px

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